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Jetpik introduces the JP210 Solo

Jetpik has announced the launch date of its newest product, the JP210 Solo Power Floss System. It will be made available for purchase online at the beginning of May 2016. Jetpik is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of high quality, innovative oral healthcare products. By combining the effects of water jet and dental floss, the company is responsible for making the biggest impact in the oral irrigation industry in nearly 50 years. The scrubbing effect of floss combined with pulsating water jet technology produces an effect that is clinically proven to be 240% more effective at removing plaque...

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Jetpik Introduces JP-200 Power Floss System

Ideal for Children; Works with Braces; Clinically Proven to Remove Up to 99% of Plaque. Jetpik, a pioneer in the development and manufacture of high quality, innovative oral healthcare products, today announced the launch of its new JP200 Power Floss System.  The JP200 combines a pressured water jet and pulsating dental floss to clean more deeply and quickly between teeth and below the gum line.  To demonstrate how effective the JP200 can be for children, who often neglect flossing, the company is also introducing “Susan,” a 12-year-old JetPik user, on their website. “Every parent can relate to the frustration of...

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