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JETPIK was founded on one simple idea: Oral care should be easy while still being effective and accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to help people take better care of their teeth and gums by providing an alternative to floss that can fit seamlessly into any busy lifestyle.

The Inspiration Behind JETPIK

Prior to its conception, JETPIK’s inventor, Henry Hu had been a loyal customer of the water flosser brand, Waterpik, for 2 years. Twice a day, he would use the Waterpik instead of flossing. But on a routine visit, the dentist observed that Henry’s teeth were fine, but the presence of plaque buildup indicated that he wasn’t flossing regularly.

Henry responded with a scowl, “But I use Waterpik every day. Isn’t that the same thing as flossing?”

The dentist shook her head and gave Henry an analogy:


“A regular water flosser is like an automatic car wash spraying only water. That alone is not enough to clean your car.

Floss is like the big bristles in the car wash that scrub your car on all sides. The bristles are needed in order to give the car a full clean just as floss is needed to scrub in between each tooth and under the gum lines.”


With that, an idea sprouted in Henry's mind. This idea turned into an obsession, and after years of research and development, this obsession eventually turned into a reality.


Henry created the world’s first water flosser that combined the power of a pulsating dental jet with the precision of dental floss. He created a product that produced the scrubbing effect that no other water flossers could offer.

The result: a 240% more effective removal of plaque than any other oral irrigator on the market.