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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Please find all of our commonly asked questions below.


  • How do I use the JETPIK System?
For full details on how to use the JETPIK system, please view the User Manual, QuickStart Guide or our JETPIK Demo Video.
  • What is the difference between each JETPIK model?

Please refer to the graph below to view the different features of each JETPIK model

  • What is the warranty period for JETPIK products?

All JETPIK models are covered with a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. For replacement parts, you will need to provide the following:

A. Purchase Receipt
B. Product Serial Number (located at the bottom of the JETPIK handle)
C. Photo of item(s)
D. Place of Purchase (i.e. Amazon, Ebay, Retailer’s Name etc.)


Water Flosser Questions


  • "How often should I replace the floss capsule?"

On average, you should replace the floss capsule every two weeks depending on how often you use it.  The recommended use is twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. 

If you do not use it regularly, simply switch the floss capsule when you see that the string floss no longer extends outside the nozzle when the device is on.

  • “Why does water tend to spray around the counter when using the water flosser?”

Using a JETPIK requires a little bit of technique and may take some practice.

First, set the JETPIK at its lowest pressure setting located on the back of the handle (I - III; I being the lowest).

Then place the nozzle (while the unit is off) into your mouth and point the nozzle in between your teeth near the gumline.

Make sure you are facing downward towards the sink with your mouth only slightly open to let the water escape.

Turn on the JETPIK and guide it along the gum line and in between your teeth.


  • “Why does the nozzle fall off from the handle?”
Check to see that the nozzle is securely latched to the handle. The blue release button (near the top of the handle) should be in its original position.

You will also hear a quiet ‘click’ from the blue release button when the nozzle is properly inserted.

Helpful Tip: If you can pull off the nozzle with very little effort, it is most likely not correctly inserted.

  • “ Why do my gums bleed when I use the JETPIK?”

The main reason that your gums may be bleeding is because your gums are likely not healthy. If you are not regularly flossing either with a water flosser, traditional floss or other alternative methods, it is likely that the bleeding is a symptom of mild or severe gingivitis.

Gingivitis will cause your gums to become inflamed and bleed, and if poor oral care habits continue, it can develop into the more serious mouth disease: Periodontitis.

We recommend that you use your JETPIK 1-2 times a day and start at the lowest setting (I - III; I being the lowest) and adjust to a higher pressure setting when it is comfortable to do so.

Everyday use will improve gum health, reduce gum swelling and, therefore, stop the bleeding.

If the bleeding is serious and your gums appear to be red and swollen, please see your dentist.


  • “Why does the water not come out of the nozzle once I have turned the device on?”

This issue may be caused by a number of factors. Please work your way down the list to see if any of these suggestions help resolve the problem.

      • Check to see if a floss cartridge is inserted into the floss nozzle. The floss cartridge is not only for a more effective clean, but is also necessary to create water pressure.
      • Check to see if the battery is fully charged. If the toothbrush function works but the flossing function does not, that is a clear indication that the unit needs to be charged.
      • Check to see if the floss nozzle is correctly inserted (see bullet point #2 under Water Floss Questions)
      • Check to see if the tubing is constricted. If constricted, it may lessen the pressure or stop the flow of water completely. Unravel the tube completely and try the floss again.  
      • Check to see if there are any holes in the tubing.
      • Check for obstructions. On rare occasions, an obstruction, like a hair, will fall into the reservoir and get pumped into the handle. Look at the exit and entry points of the handle to see if there are any such objects. Remove the object.  
      • For all other issues where the water does not come out, we recommend trying to charge the handle for at least 12 hours. If that does not fix the issue, or if the motor does not work at all or makes a very loud noise while not pumping water, we recommend that you to contact our US customer service team via phone: +1 (626) 330-0808  or by email
      • For international customers, please see our list of International Partners and contact your closest JETPIK office.
    • “Why is there suddenly a loss of water pressure when the device is on?”
      • The loss of pressure may be due to the tubing being constricted. Make sure that the tubing is not being squeezed. To do so, completely unravel the tube and see if this solves the issue.
      • The loss of pressure may also be due to the battery not being fully charged. Make sure to give the unit a full charge of 12 hours.
      • If the unit is fully charged and you have checked for all the potential causes, the unit may have problem mechanically or electronically. Contact our US customer service department via phone: +1(626) 330-0808 or email: to receive a replacement handle. 
      • For international customers, please see our list of International Partners and contact your closest JETPIK office.
    • "What happens if there is mold in the tubing?”

    In order to prevent mold from growing in the tubing, we recommend that you do the following:

    • Use your JETPIK regularly
    • Make sure all of the water is removed from the cup and tubing in between uses. 
      To get rid of the mold, pour mouthwash into the tubing and let it rest for 24 hours. Let the liquid drain and, if necessary, squeeze the mold out of the tubing.
      • Can I use the JETPIK without the floss capsule if I only want to use it as a normal water flosser?”
      No. The floss capsule is necessary, not only for the added effectiveness of plaque removal, but also in order to create pressure within the device.
      In order to use JETPIK as a regular water flosser, you must keep the floss capsule inside the nozzle. You may discard the string floss in the capsule if needed, but be sure the capsule itself remains in the nozzle otherwise water will not pump out properly.

      Toothbrush Questions

      • Why does the toothbrush sporadically stop and jump to the flosser mode while making the flosser noise? 

      The problem is most likely caused by the metal contacts (located inside the handle) being covered in toothpaste residue. See Photos of Metal Contacts. Use the brush provided, or a wet q-tip, to scrub the metal contacts. Repeat this process whenever this issue arises.

      • “What happens if the handle doesn’t recognize the toothbrush tip?”

      If possible, try to use a different toothbrush tip. It may be that the toothbrush tip in use is damaged.

      If you do not have access to another toothbrush tip, please contact our US customer service department via phone: +1(626) 330-0808 or email: to receive a replacement handle. For international customers, please see our list of International Partners and contact your closest JETPIK office.


      If you have used several toothbrush tips before this with no issue, it is likely that that specific toothbrush tip that is defective. 


      **If your inquiry is not listed above, please contact us via phone or submit your inquiry via email and a representative will assist you.

      USA Headquarters:
      Phone: +1 (626) 330-0808
      For all international inquiries, please visit our International Partners page.